Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay... so maybe I posted sooner than I expected, but I couldn't resist! Eagle had a puppy meeting last night, and he did very well. We went to Target and had a scavenger hunt, and that was pretty fun. It was great seeing the newest little puppy in our group, Ranger, and working with him. He is adorable!!!

I really want to go to the graduation on Saturday!!! Not only is my first GDB puppy love graduating, Fontana's breeder keeper is bringing her down, so Eagle and Eliza would be able to see their mom. (almost our entire group is going to the graduation, and Eagle and Eliza are the only two pups in the litter). I want to go so badly, but it starts at 1:30, and I have a choir practice at 4:00, and a performance at 7:00. Plus, we live about two or three hours away! I could probably miss the practice, but the performance... Anyway, just thought I should share the news!


Runza said...

I'm sorry you have to miss graduation. Sounds like it would be so much fun!!! Glad you had a great meeting! Love those puppies.

Katlynn & DeSoto said...

Sounds like your meeting are really fun! That is a bummer you have to miss graduration.

Katlynn & DeSoto


Yay for the good news!
Can I add you to my blog? Love meeting new PR's!!


Yes! I'd love it if you add me!