Monday, December 17, 2007


Guess what. I got to go to the graduation on Saturday!!! I talked my parents into letting me go, and I was only about an hour late for the rehearsal. The graduation was awesome! Have you fellow GDB raisers heard that they are not going to use German Shepherds any more. well, I got to see the last two German shepherd puppies while I was at the kennel!!! They were adorable, but I am pretty sad that I never got to raise one. :( Brighton was such a good boy, and he remembered me! I got to walk him before the actual graduation. I can't post pictures right now, but I will as soon as possible.
Off the subject of dogs (unusual for me, I know), my choir has been invited to sing in Vienna, Austria next December! Auditions are going to be held, and I am SO trying out!
Pictures will come soon!!!



No more GSD's! Well that's too bad. They are an awesome breed, but alot of people are saying they just aren't cut out for guide work.
Glad you could go to the Grad.!

Runza said...

Glad you were able to make it to the graduation! That's awesome. So sad about the GSD's.

I had the opportunity to play with my orchestra in Vienna. I LOVED IT! Good luck with the audition.

Kelsey and Spike said...

It's so sad about the GSDs, I never wanted to raise one really, but they still represent such a huge historical part of GDB and guide dogs in general. They will be missed.

Glad you could go to the graduation. And how cool about your choir! Good luck in your audition. :)

Kasey and Blitz said...

Hey! Can I lin to your blog??

Brittany said...

It is sad about the shepherds but I have not seen one in years that is happy with being a PIT. I am a GDB raiser as well so I hope it is ok if I link to your blog!