Friday, February 29, 2008

One busy week!

Eagle is nine months old today!!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. He has had a relatively busy week. Sunday we went to church and Awana. He loves Awana because there is this one guy that loves him, and Eagle is obsessed with his shoes. Don't ask me why, because he doesn't care about anyone elses shoes! Monday we went to our Guide Dog meeting, and we walked through Target, Raleys, and a thrift store. We puppy raisers had to find guide dog approved toys and food, find three things that were harmful to dogs, find three unique childrens toys that were potentially dangerous, and etc. One of our leaders had a puppy for the week to evaluate her. She is a transfer pup named Raylin. She is 6 months old, but is really tiny. She looked like Eagle at 4 months! Tuesday night a camera man came and interviewed me for a community service project I am doing. Wednesday morning I was interviewed again by the top local station, and by a radio station, and they both mention Eagle! Thursday I had choir. He has recently become distracted because he knows that people will love on him, so I pronounced this thursday a "no pet Eagle day". Everyone was a little mad at me, but I think it did Eagle good. Today we didn't do much, but tomorow Eagle will be coming with me while I give a speech at a competition. No pictures today, but I promise they will come later!

~Taelor and Eagle~

P.S. Sorry everyone! I did something to my template and had to redo everything on the side, so you will have to revote! Sorry for the inconvenience!!!


Kelsey and Spike said...

I had to pronounce a "no pet" Spike day on Thursday as well, after he got up in the library after me putting him in a stay. :S

Me & my puppies said...

LW is nearing 9 months, and yes, I agree with you, the time has flown by. We continue to enjoy all of our days with her.