Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guess who was at my house this week....


We had a puppy swap, so I got little 'Liza May, and Eagle went to my leader's house! They said he was very well behaved, and ready to please, but he leaned into the collar a little too much. All together, a great report!!! I don't have any pictures right at the momen of Eliza girl. I don't have a digital camera, so I have to wait until my mom uploads the pics she took! urgh...

Sooo... since my poll is over, I guess I should tell you who all of those people are!

1st, Michael Hingson. Most of you knew this one! Mr. Hingson is a speaker for GDB, and was led out of the twin towers by guide dog Roselle. Roselle is now retired, but is having a good life as Michael's pet!

Next we have Lois Merrihew. She was one of the founders of GDB, along with Don Donaldson.

We then have Betty White... The Betty White. You know, the actress. She is a BIG dog lover, and also a big supporter of GDB.

And last, but definitely not least, we have Nancy Gardner, the current CEO of GDB. Iwas a little surprised more of you didn't know that one!!!

So here you go! Now I have to come up with another poll... By the way, if I got any of this info wrong, do not be afraid to tell me!

~Taelor and Eagle~


Elizabeth Without Holly said...

Yay for Eliza! You are so lucky you got to sit your pup's littermate. We hardly ever get siblings in my club.

Me & my puppies said...

Good job ~ Eagle.