Monday, April 14, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad...

I know, I have put off posting for like 2 whole weeks!!! Well I only have a few things to update on. First, Eagle has been put in a chain collar just for the puppy meetings. He is having a dog distraction issue, but it is only around the dogs in our group. We think it is nothing really serious at the moment, just teenage intact male hormones, but we want to get it under control! So far it has made quite a difference!!!

So, I should probably fill out Erin's questionnaire! I feel like the last one on the block!

1.How many puppies have you raised?
Just Eagle
2.Why did you want to puppy raise?
I have wanted to raise since I was eight and saw a show about guide dogs on Animal Planet. I then had to wait until my parents said I was old enough.
3.How long have you been a puppy raiser?
I have been an official raiser for just about 1 year, but I have been in a club for almost 2 years.
4.What is one thing you have learned in raising?
Patience, responsibility, confidence, the true meaning of Fun, etc., etc., etc.
5.What have your puppies taught you?
I am still learning from Eagle, but so far he has taught me that all pups are different, and that sometimes when life is hard, it is nice to lay down and take a nap... (he is very lazy)
6.What is the strangest thing someone has asked/said to you about your puppy?
"Can dogs really get a tan?" Said when I did a puppy swap with Eagle's sister Eliza. They look a lot alike, but Eliza is darker. :P
7.Do you give your puppies real name out in public?
Yup, even though when I say his name a lot of people think I called him "Evil"
8.What is the most embarrassing incident that you've had with your puppy?
probably Eagle pooping in the mall. Thankfully, it was right imnside a candle store so no one could smell it!
9.What is the most proud moment you've had with your puppy?
When people comment about how well behaved my puppy is. When he went to the capitol and talked to Assemblymen all day and behaved like an angel! Once, when at a museum, a lady stopped and asked us about puppy raising and such. We talked for about a half of an hour, and she then said osmething about how refreshing it was to find a teenager these days doing something like this. Then she said "Can I hug you? I am just so proud of you!" Difinitely heart-warming!
10.What advice do you have for newbie puppy raisers/owners?
Well, that is a little hard, since I am a newbie myself, but I would say that yes it is a lot of work, but it is sooooo worth it!

I had a speech competition this last weekend for NCFCA in Santa Rosa. It was awesome, and I actually did pretty well! I don't really feel like going into the details, so if you are interested, just read this. It is an article about the competition. Eagle stayed at a puppy sitters house, and they said he was an angel and VERY well behaved. I was so proud!!!

~Taelor and Eagle~


Anna and Lawrence said...

awww what a sweet story about the lady and the hug. It sounds to me like you've been doing a fabulous job with Mr. Evil. :D

Brittany said...

Great answers!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Okay, Taelor. You're a REALLY bad Blogger now! ;D You haven't posted in over three months. Can we have an update on Eagle soon? Please? :)