Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well... I have some good news, some bad news, and... PICTURES!!!!

Let's start with the pictures:

No, this is NOT puppy in training!!! This is my family's new ShiTsu (sp?) puppy, Willy. Isn't he sweet? He doesn't bark much, and gets along great with the cat and the other dogs.

Now for the PIT!!!

Yup, this is Franky boy!!! No, he is not on our counter. Actually, he was at the vet's office because he had a MAJOR ear in fection. He had to have ear medecine, special cleaner, and oral medecine!

OK, now the goodish news first; D4D is evaluating Eagle at the moment, so we are hoping that they take him!!! If not, I am sure he will go to a home where he is needed.

The bad news is that I will most likely not be on blogging more than twice a month. My life has all of a sudden become hectic, and all of my time on the computer will be spent writing speeches and researching India! Don't ask.

Some news. I went to the graduation of Splash and Willy on the 30th!!! We got there, and my leader came p to me, hugged me, and said: "Brittany (Willy's raiser) couldn't come so you are going to present Willy, OK?" I, of course, was shocked. My other leader then told me that they had presented dogs before, and that this was the perfect experience for me (my leaders still feel really bad about Eagle being CC'd. and are trying to "make it up to me." It is kind of funny, actually!). So, I got to spend some time with Willy's partner, who happens to be from Canada, and presented him on stage. The speech I gave was only a few minutes long, but I didn't stumble or anything! It was great!!! My leader's were really proud of me! *blush*

Hopefully I will have some good news and time to share it with you soon!!!!


Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Yay! That's so good that D4D is evaluating Eagle, he sounds wonderful, maybe they'll put him to use. ;) If not I'm sure he'll enjoy being someone's loving pet.

That's awesome that you got to present Willy! We were almost at that grad....wish things had worked out so that we could have gone! :D

Anna and Lawrence said...

That's so great!! Even if he can't be a guide, a hearing dog is a great ambition!!

Awwww! I've always wanted to present a dog at graduation. Lucky. Maybe Lawrence will decide to stop keeping me waiting... :D

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thepuppyraiser said...

Are you getting a new puppy in December??

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Hey Taelor, just wanted to say hi and I appreciate your comments on my blog. :) That's so cool that you're raising a cross in addition to a Lab! Hope you're doing well.