Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, I am still alive...

My life is hectic beyond belief, but I am still here!!! XP

Well, as some of you might already know, I no longer have just one pup!

Yup, Miss Pilaf entered my life just a few days before Christmas!!! She is a female lab/Golden cross. My first little girl, and my first part golden! She is also Pilot's sister.
I have really enjoyed this beautiful little girl. As one puppy sitter in our club just said: "I love how she is like an on/off switch. When you want her to play, she always wants to, but when you want her to just lay down at your feet, she is happy to!" She is a definite Golden, and LOVES people. She truly believes that every human was put on this earth to pet her. She also is semi-obsessed with water, and as such has been greatly enjoying the rain we have been getting the last few days. =D Overall, she is very sweet and responsive.

But as I mentioned before, Pilaf is not the only pup in my care.

Franklin has grown up to be suh a great boy. He really is ideal. He knows all of his commands, and just wants to be with you. He will come as soon as you call him no matter where he is. In fact, we once had a puppy meeting in a field (fenced, of course) full of guide dog pups, and he came from clear across the other side. He is sweet, gentle, loving, smart... pretty close to perfect. Everyone in our club wants to work with him if we ever have any little fun "contests." =P He just turned 1 year old on February 1st, and he has a recall date for March 28th. We all think that this is really early, but honestly I know he is ready. I am rossing my fingers that there are no medical issues, because I know he will succeed in becoming a guide if he has good health. And if for some reason he doesn't make it as a guide, he will make the best canine buddy. We have 3 boys in our house with ages ranging from 4 to 12, and he lets them climb on him, ride him like a horse, practically choke him, anything! =P

Well, that is my little update!

And because it is short, I will amuse you all with a list of the current nicknames for each of them:

Danke shen

Peepee (only my sister calls her this)
Little girl

Hope you guys are all doing well!
~Taelor, Franklin, and Pilaf~

P.S. I would post pictures, but for some reason blogger won't let me at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to post some soon!


Hobbes Dogs said...

Glad to hear that you and your pups are doing well!

raiserally said...

Good to have you back on blogger! And congrats on already being on your Third puppy! Pilaf is a cutie (saw her on your club website) and are the goldens/crosses so very much fun! Have fun with Franklin during the time you have left with him and enjoy Pilaf!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

I am currently puppy sitting Franklin's brother Foxboro! Have fun with your two pups!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Loved the update! I can imagine how having two puppies might make one's life hectic. ;) Both of your babies sound excellent and good luck to Mr. Franklin in training!