Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Things About Pilaf!!!

We were awarded this by Lisa and Ellie! Thanks guys!!! It gave me an interesting excuse for a post. ^_^

So, in honor of the award, 10 things about Pilaf:

1. Although she is a golden and lab cross, the older she gets, the less like a golden she looks. You wouldn't know she was a cross now unless I told you. =P

2. Even though she looks all lab, she couldn't act more like your steriotypical golden. Put her and the resident golden in our club side by side andthey act as if they were sisters!

3. She LOVES water, but not nearly as much as she used to. We are almost 100% positive now that her dangerous obsession with water was caused by an infection that she has had just lying away in her body since she was a young puppy.

4. Not only does she love water, but she loves anyone of the human race. She just loves people.

5. And because she loves people, she has figured out a most cunning way to draw them to her. She sits slightly in front of me, facing them. Then, she hunches her shoulders slightly, puts her ears all of the way back, gives a huge labby smile, and opens her eyes really wide. Then she stares them down. Ths, coupled with her small size and perpetually wagging tail, never fails to bring a human down. She wraps them around her little paws. XP

6. She is almost completely reliable around the house. Rarely does she pick something up off of the ground.

7. She has never made a peep while she is in the crate. Not even when she was a puppy! In fact, I am constantly afraid that I will put her in the crate and then forget about her, because she won't make a sound, no matter how long she has been in there. Kind of scary, actually.

8. She is very good at walking and staying next to me, even in situations that are stressful to her. And even though she is a very easily distracted dog, when you give her a little reminder, she will always give me back her focus.

9. She is barely 50 pounds, and so tiny. She is short and lean, but pretty long, and her tail is abnormally long compared to her body. It always curls up at the end, and when she walks, it wags from side to side with the curl always pointing upward. I hope that made sense, because it is really funny to watch her.

10. Even with all of her quircks, she is a sweetheart, and I wouldn't trade her for anything. =]

So there you have it! Pilaf in a nutshell. ^^

Now for some...


Basically, I know nothing. All we know is that he is a golden retriever that wasn't born at GDB because he is flying into GDB from somewhere else on the 17th. This could mean that he is from a different state, or a different country. We might not have any other information until he actually arrives on the 17th. I don't know if his whole litter was donated, or if it was just him. But I only know about him. We don't even know when he will be ready to pick up, because they have to tattoo him, make sure he is healthy, etc. So for now, he is Mister Mystey Golden. =D


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Pilaf sounds so much like Persia. Persia is really long bodied, too. I hope you'll get to meet each other at Fun Day!

Mary Ann said...

I want to say "have lots of fun at Fun Day". Pilot and I are not going to be able to go. I see this comment from Persia. I'm assuming she is a sibling.

Take pictures and post them. Pilaf sounds like she is really a good girl. Pilot is doing very well too.

I will be babysitting a K9 Buddy over this next week. I'm glad that I was able to help out.

Always Smiling :) said...

Welcome Cartier! :) It was wonderful meeting you too!